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Many of us don’t like talking to strangers, but you have to do so if business demands. We’re talking about cold calling – a technique many argue has lost its warmth in the sales and business circles, but truth be told, that’s not the case.

Cold calling is here to stay and still holds the potential to be a great lead-generating tool even in 2021, especially for Real estate.

So, be prepared when you call a stranger. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

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Cold calling is hard! It is laden with rejections and failures, but once you learn how to deal with it most simplistically, believe me, you’ve cracked the case.

For those who say cold calling is dead, sample this statistic.

According to SmallBiz Genius, 82% of buyers have booked meetings with salespeople after a series of contacts that started with sales cold calls.

If that’s not good enough for you, there is more for you to understand the art of cold calling.

What Does Cold Calling Mean?

Cold calling is the first verbal connection that a sales representative makes with a prospect to introduce his product or service.

The prospect may or may not have heard about the brand through other channels, but when a sales representative tries to offer a solution through their product or service – that is a cold call.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds! A cold call needs to have the right mix of ingredients to be perfect and effective in lead generation. And that’s why you need scripts.

Many call scripts phony and brush it away on the pretext of killing creativity, but the truth is, it is to make your executives into robots puking out the same old formatted text about a product or a service.

A cold calling script is a tool to equip sales reps with a chance to provide value to their prospects.

Whether you agree or not, every sales rep has a style, a tone, and a standard answer to most questions a prospect asks. That in itself is a script.

So what essentially we are trying to do by providing scripts is making calls better.

Basic Ingredients of a Cold Calling Script

A good cold calling script should also essentially include these basic ingredients.

1) Identifying and stating the purpose

Remember you are calling a stranger. The faster you identify yourself and spell out your goal. The faster it is, the better it is to form a bond. Throw an opening line and gain the confidence of the client. Your client is a busy person, and his time is very precious, so come straight to the point.

2) Pique the client’s interest

This is a very effective element, and it can significantly increase your cold call success. Try to sell your product by intriguing the client. Your preparation before the call could help you here. Validate the need for your product.

3) Include answers to objections

Try acknowledging any objection that the client may have and qualify it with a leading question that adds value to the client. Your experience will teach you how to field these questions.

4) Provide credentials and examples

Your prospect is a human, so talk like one. Once you are confident that your prospect needs the product you are selling, give examples or credentials of people who have benefitted.

5) Pitch your product well

Keep experimenting and adding variations till you reach an error-free script and a winning one. Monitor the metrics to see how many appointments did you book with a particular script.

Now that you know the basic ingredients to a successful script, let’s look at some that could help boost your leads. We’ve also got some that you could use for real estate.

Check them out!

#Cold Calling Script 1 – Value Proposition

As a practice, most cold-calling sales reps bombard clients with information.

Let’s take a break from it, and how about giving the prospect a one-sentence value proposition.

“Hi [XXX], this is Adriana from Batch Dialer. I’m calling organizations in the industry to see if they would like to try and benefit from our service. In a nutshell, we help businesses equip their representatives to be the most dynamic callers who can boost the sales outputs with our services. Is this something that you would be interested in?”

#Cold Calling Script 2 – Quick Response

Some industries like real estate just don’t allow you time to sit and brood over rejections and failures. You need to know quickly if a client is interested.

So here’s a script that will help you get the point across real fast:

“Hi, this is [XXX] from Inside Realtors. My company is looking to invest in the area. Do you think you will be interested in selling your property now or any time in the near future.”

It’s quick, and the homeowner knows what the business is. If the answer is yes, go through the usual procedure.

If it is not, then move on to the next client.

#Cold Calling Script 3 – Build A relationship, Be A Local Champion

Offering solutions to a client is the best way to build a rapport. How about portraying yourself as a local champion capable of offering any service rather than a sales rep.

This script could work in this kind of scenario:

“Hi, my name is Mark, and I am from Sterling Realtors. I’ve lived in [XX] area for over 15 years now, and I know it inside out. As an agent specializing in the local market, I could help you sell your property in the next 30 days. Would you be open to meeting me?”

The response could be yes or no. Nevertheless, the conversation could be a starting point for a positive bond.

You could discuss the area that you specialize in and even provide other helpful info.

#Cold Calling Script 4 – Make Your Job A Mission

This script seeks to put you in a position of authority. You tell a story where you are on a mission.

Here’s how you can put it across:

“Hi, My name is Andrew, and I am from Stellar Homes. I’m on a mission to help 50 people move into their dream homes by [Date]. I am confident that I will be able to help you find your perfect abode too. Would you be open to exploring this option?”

Besides the appeal of a story and a mission statement, this script that could be used for your Real Estate also helps build trust with the client.

#Cold Calling Script 5 – Tie Needs To Product

While you are preparing for a cold call, you can get many signals and evidence that show the prospect might be in need of the product you are selling.

Try reaching out with a script like this:

“Hi [Client Name],
My name is Wendy, and I am calling from Starmax. We’ve noticed you’ve been looking for this product for some time. I would like to tell you that we deal in these products. Could you spare a few minutes so that we could explain to you how we could be a good fit for your

#Cold Calling Script 6 – Ask For Referrals

Ask, and ye shall find. That’s one mantra that always works. So don’t hesitate to ask for referrals from clients. Take the help of your marketing department or others to find loyal clients.

Once you get all the information, hit it off with this script:

“Hi, My name is Stella from Batch Dialer. I’ve seen that you’ve been using our services for quite some time now and I hope you’ve got some quick and great results for your business. Would you mind if we ask you for a quick favor?
Do you know anyone in the industry who could find our services useful? We can provide your friend a trial period and even discounts. We can provide you too with discounts for every referral that you provide us.”

Who doesn’t like rewards and incentives? Use this for sure shot success.

Cold Calling and Batch Dialer

There is no one way of mastering the art of calling. With practice and the right kind of tool like Batch Dialer, you can ace cold calling in no time.

The best thing about Batch Dialer is that it can work on the device you are working on right now.

You can check your scripts and edit them while working with Batch Dialer. You can also create and manage existing voicemails

Last Word

Cold calling is not rocket science, but it can challenge and irk people.

The key is to keep calm and maintain a positive outlook towards every client that you approach.


Reni Rajan is a Content Writer with Batch Services and has written over a wide variety of topics ranging from real estate, education, lifestyle, culture and technology. She has over 10 years of experience in the media and publishing industry and worked with several newspapers and magazines.

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