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For all the talk surrounding cold calling as a worn-out method on its way to the grave, here are a few things we’d like to say in support of this method.

Like it or not, cold calling is still among the top contending lead-generating methods for the year 2021.

But what makes it such a valuable tool despite the numerous fears associated with it?

You get to interact with a live human being when cold calling, unlike other marketing tactics like emails where you have to compete for attention with hundreds of others in an inbox.

Yes, cold calling is a challenge for many, but it doesn’t have to be for you. We’ve got some of the best cold calling tips for commercial Real Estate agents that are sure to increase confidence and boost business.

But before we get on with the tips, let’s take a quick look at how cold calling is essential for commercial Real Estate.

Cold Calling & Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate agents have to generate new leads every day, listen to people’s pain points, and sell homes.

It’s a tough job to keep the lead funnel full, but cold calling can be your way out.

How? Just get the right pitch, and approach the lead the right way. If you are up for these challenges and ready to go the expert way, I’m sure you can cash in on cold calling.

These cold calling tips for commercial Real Estate agents will surely turn out to be a boon and help you gain maximum clients. You don’t need special powers to convert; all you need is confidence and the right preparation.

Be what the customer wants you to be. Remember, the customer is human, and most humans would open up about their problems if you give them a patient ear.

You could consider learning a few of these if you want to employ cold calling for your commercial Real Estate business:

  • Build your confidence
  • Prepare thoroughly
  • Show enthusiasm

These are just the basic tenets to go by when cold calling.

Now that you know how crucial cold calling is for commercial Real Estate, let’s look at some tips to help you ace this tool and leverage its potential to the maximum.

Building a Great Prospects List

How much data you can include in your list is up to you. However, you should ensure that you include full details about a lead.

Information about a lead is not just to get in touch but also a guide for you to prepare yourself to address the customer and his concerns.

If possible, also include sales triggers.

What are sales triggers?

Sales triggers are extra bits of information about the prospect or the company used by salespeople to sell their products. This information is great to find out. It can tell you when the prospect might be interested in your product or service.

A sales trigger could also be a round of funding received by the prospect, which lets you know of an influx of money. This could mean expenditure planning. Calling at such a time could work in your favor.

But there are some essential elements you can’t afford to leave out when building a prospects list.

Here you go:

  • Name
  • Designation
  • Company name
  • Phone numbers (best to include direct dials)
  • Email address
  • LinkedIn Id

There are many other details you can include. Make a strong list so that you can start with confidence.

Now that you have the list ready, let’s look at some tips to help you make those winning calls.

7 Cold Calling Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents to Boost Performance

If you want your cold call to be one that can close a deal, then be ready with these: great scripts and great tips.

If you are interested in some effective cold calling scripts, check this out: 6 Cold Calling Scripts to Boost Lead Generation in 2021.

Here are the seven tips to boost the commercial Real Estate business and reduce the number of rejections. You obviously cannot do away with the negatives on this path. But you definitely can learn to look at the positives.

Keep reading!

Tip No. 1: Learn to accept rejections

Focus on the ‘Yes’ and leave out the Nos. Rejections don’t mean giving up. Instead, they suggest going beyond the defeats to achieve success.

Cold calling will get you many ‘Nos’; be prepared for the worse. If a couple of rejections bog you down, then cold calling is probably not your way.

Tip No. 2: Be ready with scripts

Okay, the first thing to remember here is that we all have a different style of talking to people. So, keep this in mind when choosing a script for your calls. Choose one that fits your style.

A script makes this otherwise tricky tool much easier to handle. A readymade script also helps you stay focused and pertinent.

In addition, you will have responses to the common objections ready.

Tip No. 3: Be relevant

This is immensely important for cold calling, and it is a tip that can be imbibed without any hesitation.

Why? It is simple: you never want to be part of a conversation that is not interesting or relevant to you. Then why would a customer?

Most commercial Real Estate agents forget or ignore this when cold calling and never think about what their prospects want.

Do your research well if you want to know what would be relevant to your prospect. If you make sense while talking, then the deal is yours.

Tip No. 4: Strike a conversation before you close in on the meeting

It is essential to learn about the prospect before selling your service or product.

Any attempt to close on the first try will make you only sound desperate. You don’t want that, do you?

Try tapping into the prospect’s pain points, goals, dreams, frustrations, and business goals. These are areas that will provide you opportunities.

Try finding out about their current situation. How and why do they wish to move out of their current space? What is their goal?

Tip No. 5: Time is precious

I’m sure you know about this, but I’m just emphasizing it in the context of cold calling. Don’t spend more than three minutes while cold calling.

Leave room for an in-person meeting if you want to convert your cold calls into deals. Don’t drag the calls. Remember, your prospects are busy, and they expect the same about you.

Tip No. 6: Give voicemails a serious thought

All cold calls will not be answered. That’s a fact. So, be prepared for a situation when your call will end up in a voicemail.

Being ready with a script for such scenarios makes it possible for you to get the client to call you back. Leave a message that is persuasive enough if you want your prospect to come looking for you.

Tip No. 7: Utilize tools like Batch Dialer

Tools like Batch Dialer give you an edge like none other, helping you turn your phone into the ultimate prospecting tool. Exactly what commercial Real Estate agents want? Isn’t it?

The best part is you can see all the contact details, including the past call history, notes, call outcomes, and many other details that can help you when redialing the customer in one place.


These seven cold calling tips for commercial Real Estate agents are sure to multiply your chances of closing deals.

The bottom line is, however, one thing– be genuine. Don’t sound like you are selling, as no one likes to be sold to, but everyone wants to buy.

Talk like you are giving solutions and not thrusting your product down their throats. Be persuasive, not intimidating.

Happy Calling!


Reni Rajan is a Content Writer with Batch Services and has written over a wide variety of topics ranging from real estate, education, lifestyle, culture and technology. She has over 10 years of experience in the media and publishing industry and worked with several newspapers and magazines.

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